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Use LinkedIn Recommendations

How To Get Testimonials To Boost Your Credibility On LinkedIn? Miguel Miranda Explains In Simple Words How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job.


Hope you enjoy the video and let us know if you found it useful. Also, feel free to post additional questions in the comment section and we might do a future video answering your question.

Typical Questions

Q. What would be some key features, that you would recommend, that should be highlighted in a recommendation?

Great! Well, basically you want to highlight your expertise. Maybe you have solved a problem. Maybe you have delivered an extraordinary experience to person. A great tool you can use to formulate good recommendation texts would be the LinkedIn Recommendation Generator:

Ideally you want to emphasize the following factors:
1. Your Key Role: Is it a Photographer? Key-Account Manager? Consultant?
2. Your Key Skills: Active Listening? Solution Orientated? Great Interviewing?
3. Your Value Delivery: Have you solved a Problem? Have you gave more Clarity? Have you over delivered on your promise?

Use the LinkedIn Recommendation Generator along the 3 guidelines and you will receive great testimonials.

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