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HR Consulting In Energy Transition

We find the best heads for decisive positions of the future. And successfully accompany innovative organizations in the energy transition.
Our teams specialize in global recruitment in the energy, cleantech and innovation sectors. We always work in partnership, ensuring that collaboration and mutual understanding are at the heart of our work.
As specialists, we have a unique, objective view of the markets in the energy transition. This means that we not only build teams with exceptional personalities, but also conduct conversations that are relevant to our target group.

Energy Transition Needs Talent

Often there is a lack of strategic HR concepts and the right heads to consistently tackle the energy transition. And we find them.

Energy Transition & Innovation

We understand the correlations, structures and developments of the permanently changing energy industry even before they become visible on the market. This is because we were involved in the development of the energy industry in Germany at an early stage and have the corresponding experience and excellent networks. We know: Regardless of whether it’s a medium-sized company or a large corporation – those who delay the opportunities of the energy transition are putting the future of their organization at risk. But innovation requires cultural adaptation.

All Must Be Innovative

Often, the impetus for innovation comes from corporate management, advisory boards or the top performers in middle management. But then these leaders often fail to move their organization and employees in a sustainable way. Energy innovation must be effective throughout the entire value chain, it must be conceived in a way that creates value, and it must be implemented in a way that positively shapes the culture for everyone. This has to be learned.

New Leadership Skills

This requires the right leaders with innovative core values in key positions. We call these “innovative talents”: people who not only have technical expertise, but are also naturally better able to deal with the complexity and continuing speed that the energy transition entails. And: of course, the combination in the leadership team must work as a whole. We pay attention to that, too.

Personality, Knowledge, Experience

Leaders with strong innovative core values are characterized by a certain personality structure and have specific knowledge and relevant energy or cleantech experience. Their work is guided by openness, curiosity, and a drive to move forward; they put cooperation before sovereignty and see change as an opportunity to better serve the customer. They have an understanding of how technology-driven innovation will impact their area of responsibility. Good innovative leaders are a rare breed. But: we find them. Every day.

We only offer services that help you grow your business.


We are specialists in the field of recruitment and work with clients to meet their mid to senior level hiring needs. Miguel has an excellent understanding of the needs of tech companies in matching for C-Level. His intellectual proximity to the products, the tasks, the company spirit and the required skills creates a high matching to the selective candidates.

Executive Search.

If you’re working on VP-level positions or higher, our executive search offering is a refreshing change from the norm. Our unparalleled network and digital resources allow us to access the world’s best candidates more efficiently and quickly than our competitors.


Our leadership team has a combined experience of more than 40 years in the placement market and has completed jobs in some of the most challenging locations. Our contractor management team is capable of meeting the needs of any project, regardless of size.

Scope & Outsourced Solutions.

We are perfectly positioned to recruit and hire talent at scale for any company in our core markets. Whether you are participating in an RPO or MSA, or developing a fully customized solution, you can outsource your entire recruitment to InnoTalent.

HR Solutions & Interim.

Through our network of global partners, we can also help you with HR management, such as payroll, benefits packages, or entering a new market. We also provide access to exceptional interim management, reimbursement and market access specialists.

Employer Branding.

Our digital marketing team has experience working with clients to build their employer brand. Whether it’s content creation, consulting, or building one of our shared ClientHubs, we’re here for you.

We Have Experts Connected Around Germany.

We are particularly well represented in Munich, Cologne and Passau.


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InnoTalent specializes in executive search for managers with expertise in energy & cleantech. We fill your management positions with personalities who can provide the right impetus. Because: to lead an innovative company or to successfully manage the energy transition, you need people who naturally think and act innovatively.
Since 2019, our HR consultants have been supporting companies in the energy industry and those who want to face the energy transition. Based in Munich, Cologne and Passau, InnoTalent advises on the development of suitable personnel structures and fills management positions, executive committees and advisory boards with the best innovative heads.
We address the next generation of managers and the middle management level with our Next Leaders offering.

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