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What Can A Embedded Talent Partner Do For You?

An embedded talent partner blends the strongest qualities of RPO, agency and in-house recruitment.
A Embedded Talent Partner is responsible for the company’s portion or the entirety hiring plan. He deploy’s highly experienced teams of recruitment professionals into your business to either act as, or augement your existing Talent Acquisition team.
Instead of representing an “external” service provider and individuals working across multiple clients, an embedded talent partner becomes your dedicated internal hiring resource for a predefined period of time (“interim” recruitment partner).
Fully adopting your brand identity (e.g. using your email systems/signatures), and immersing themselves into your company vision and mission, culture, values, and ways of working.
Depending on the phase of growth you’re at, an embedded talent partner can build your entire talent function from the ground up, creating a solid recruitment infrastructure that you can rely on as you scale.
Or if you have an established talent function already, they can partner with you to ensure your hiring process is effective and efficient as you grow.

The 3 Elements Of Our Embedded Solution For The Hiring Needs Of Your Company

We like to think that embedded talent blends the strongest qualities of three different recruitment models: recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), an agency model and in-house talent acquisition.


Like RPOs, embedded talent partners use a data-driven approach to refine hiring processes, identify areas of improvement, advise on the right recruitment tech and tooling, develop your employer branding and deliver a certain volume of your hires in a given timeframe.

Recruitment Agency

Agencies have access to specific candidate networks, whereas we know what to look for when it comes to scaling teams for rapid growth tech companies.

In-House Recruiting

Just like having an in-house recruiter, embedded talent partners build strong relationships with key stakeholders across the business.
They deeply understand hiring managers’ needs, as well as the culture and values of your organisation so that these can be effectively communicated to and assessed for in candidates.

When Does An Embedded Talent Partner Makes Sense?

Growth stage and venture backed digital & tech companies in Germany, who struggle to find highly skilled tech talent teams within budget.
Our customers are usually German growth companies and series B venture startups with annual sales between € 1 and 40+ million and 5 to 100+ employees – with an upward trend to hiring 4 to 80+ employees per year.
Depending on the industry and size, we encounter different pain points and potential before working together:
The hiring game is special for high-tech companies. High development costs and late sales are usually characteristic. Accordingly, the burn rate must be traded correctly and building tech teams in a structured manner in the beginning. It is important that all areas of the company – especially the hiring plan – are properly positioned for the coming scaling. Also, the capital providers want to be provided with appealing reporting.
SMEs have extreme advantages over younger companies in terms of employer branding to highly skilled talents, which can be further polished. Growth plans are therefore easier to realize if you know how to communicate them to your tech talent. Entrenched processes are the greatest strength and also the greatest weakness of SMEs. cleaning up the recruiting area in a big way, often becomes a digitization driver in such situations
Especially companies with the ambition to sell their business in the coming months or years benefit extremely from lower HR risks and optimized team structures. Both aspects pay significantly into the enterprise value account and, with the correctly negotiated multiple, provide X times the price. Every optimized EX score level is worth 5-15 €. The sooner “the bride is made pretty”, the better for the sales proceeds.

How Our Talent Partners Work

Embedding our 5-phase recruiting system into the core of your business that consistently enables you to attract, convert and deliver the type of tech talent you really want.

1. Profiling

Understanding Your Business – We book a call to understand your hiring needs in detail as well as brief you on our approach.

2. Branding

Making Your Business Attractive – Without an attractive employer brand, there are no attractive candidates. How your business presents itself to the candidate is therefore very crucial. Together we identify and fine-tune all critical points in order to attract the highly skilled talents to your business.

3. Attracting

Embedded Talent Delivery – Onboard one or a whole team of our Talent Partners into your internal talent function. Our Talent Partners come with experience and ready networks of local candidates.

4. Interviewing

Let’s Start Hiring – Sit back, relax, and leave hiring to us. We take care of your hiring from start to finish, so you can focus 100% on making your business succeed. We take care of outreach activities, job ad management and talentpool marketing. The first interview, then interview together with you the short-listed candidates and you choose which candidates you want to invite to a personal interview.

5. Onboarding

Smooth Phase-Out – Before completing a project we will make sure to either optimise your current recruitment processes or help build your internal capabilites from scratch. We support you in the decision making process and a successful onboarding of your new hires. Our philosophy is to leave you better than we met you.

High-Tech Embedded Recruitment Case Study

Executive & Board Search for innovative High-Tech Company using the Embedded Recruitment Apporach.
From job specifications to employer branding to COO search in just 5 months. Learn more about our expertise and how you can benefit from the success of our clients.

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How To Work With Us?

Get to know our expertise in a personal, virtual demo consultation.

1. Appointment Request

Request a free demo via our homepage and answer a few short questions.

2. Understanding Your Business

We will have a preliminary discussion to see if and how we can best help you.

3. Hiring Plan Consultation

Our founder & managing director will advise you individually for 60 to 90 minutes on your company hiring plan, and together you will develop an action plan.

4. Embedded Recruitment

In this stage we will see ways on how to improve your employer image, plug-in the embedded talent delivery machine in your business and start the hiring. After 6 months we can review or progress and decide if we want to continue together a more longer term journey or decide for a smooth phase-out.

5. Long-Term Partnership

Following the hiring plan consultation, there is the option that we accompany your company on a long-term basis. This can be decided upfront or after the experience working with us. To find out what makes more sense, simply book a free demo now.

Advantages Of Our Embedded Model

Plug 'n Play

Our embedded team gives you the flexibility and capacity to focus focus 100% on making your business succeed.

Scale Rapidly

We can start the process within 2 weeks and get in hires rapidly.


We are 50% cheaper than a full-time Director of Recruiting, 30% cheaper than traditional agencies and there is no risk of having to hire a full-time recruiter.

Miguel Miranda

“It’s all about People. My mission is to introduce the right people to one another and making sure that the correct people, work on the correct things, correctly.”
With InnoTalent, Miguel supports his clients in all hiring strategy issues – from clean hiring planning and talent acquisition to high-performance team building.
  • Founder and CEO of InnoTalent & MBI Business Innovation Consulting GmbH
  • Expert for all recruitment topics for growth companies
  • Your contact for strategy & rapid growth
He has an educational background in science & technology at the FOS Technik Munich, and a bachelor’s degree in business psychology with the emphasis in HR & Organisational Psychology at the Hochschule Fresenius Munich. He started his professional career in HR & Business Consulting in 2014. 2019 he turned his passion for recruitment into his entrepreneurial path, worked as interim recruiter and founded InnoTalent.
Undergoing a lot of business innovation and pivoting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, InnoTalent has found it’s core genius in delivering companies highly skilled tech talent teams within budget via the embedded interim recruitment model.

We Are Well Networked In The Digital World

We are particularly well represented in Munich.


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We enable startups & SME’s in the German and international tech industry to achieve their growth plans, by delivering highly skilled tech talent within budget.
Our mission is to help tech talent to find top jobs in the digital & tech industry. We empower people and build collaborative tech communities that represent the new digital era we live in. We are a innovative-thinking, Germany based, next-generation technology search recruitment agency, with international reach and cutting-edge digital recruitment knowledge.
We are based in Munich and have spent years networking with the top companies, hiring managers and professionals in the tech industry to create an extensive network.
We address the next generation of managers and professional tech talents with our DevClub Membership offering.

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