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InnoTalent Germany Executive Search – The Tech-Specialised Recruiting-As-A-Service Agency

InnoTalent Germany executive search specialists are closely linked to the tech industry. Personal customer relationships are just as important as the lively exchange with the candidates themselves.

Against this background, InnoTalent Germany’s very successful matching strategy explains which urgently needed ideal candidates fit which company in times of digital transformation.

The challenges companies face when it comes to recruiting are well known – not only because InnoTalent Germany’s executive search experts take part in conferences and events in the tech industry (and start-up scene), but also because they are actively involved in shaping them.

Through the broad network, InnoTalent Germany finds executives with key positions who shape the change in companies both technically and culturally.

Executive Search Recruiting Process At InnoTalent Germany

Executive Search High-Tech & Digital Business


For the implementation of an efficient executive search process, a detailed inventory of the personnel requirements takes place between the customer and the HR consultancy, on the basis of which the target candidates are defined (“profile definition”).


The HR consultant then contacts the suitable candidates from the network in a targeted manner and makes a “pre-selection”.


After completing this executive search phase, the customer receives well-founded résumés of the candidates (“selection”).


The customer decides for himself which of the profile interviews will be conducted and which further steps (e.g. assessment center) the target candidate must complete in-house in order to qualify for the final selection (“qualification”).


The Executive Search Expert InnoTalent Germany accompanies the customer step by step through the process with his expertise and market know-how and is always available to advise the customer after the qualification phase (“validation”).

Executive Search & Digital Change

Executive Search High-Tech & Digital Business – InnoTalent Germany

Information that is always and everywhere available, cloud computing, mobile apps and social media networks – we have long been in the digital age, both privately and commercially. But in many companies the digital change is only just arriving and a digital redesign is still ahead of many …

Business areas that would not be affected by digitization hardly exist. Communication with customers is changing rapidly and opening up more and more new channels, crowdsourcing is outsourcing entire innovation processes and management positions are nowadays recruited in abundance via the Internet.

However, only a few companies are adequately equipped for the digitization process. This deficiency is mainly due to the fact that a blatant need to catch up at management level is often not recognized in the first place. As a result, valuable time is lost in order to keep the company competitive in the future. What companies need in these times are managers who do not underestimate digital change, but rather support it proactively with all their might and also bring the necessary background knowledge for the implementation with them.

Whether or not they are prepared for digitization – companies would do well to get a strong and experienced partner to act as a consultant for this immensely important task. At the recruitment consultancy InnoTalent Germany, you can expect exactly those executives you need for the technology & digital transformation. Based on a complex and well-founded executive search process, candidates are approached systematically and purposefully via a comprehensive and far-reaching network.


Teamwork And Values

When job and talent searches change, HR services cannot stay the same. We at InnoTalent Germany are therefore leading the way.

For us applies:

  • Fairness leads to long-term partnerships
  • The best results are achieved with transparency
  • As a team, we use valuable synergies
  • Good decisions sometimes take patience

With our InnoTalent philosophy, we find the dream job as job hunters for talents and we build sustainable talent pools for companies with Recruiting-as-a Service!